Piano Practice - listening is the key!

Piano practice should include lots and lots of repetition, which can be discouraging to younger students (and to big students too!). So how do we make it count? We listen!

  1. divide your piece up into chunks. Student's know the importance of "chunking" their work. When you do this, look and listen for problems - are your notes correct, are you using the correct fingering, did you remember accidentals, what about your rhythm? Make sure to play it correctly an odd number of times!

  2. If the section is new, check out one area to focus on. Maybe look at your notes - get them all squared away and then focus on your rhythm - use a metronome! You choose your area.

  3. See if you can memorize just that section and really LISTEN to your piece. Can you hear anything that sounds off? If so, maybe that's a problem area and investigate it with your music.

Listening is one of the most important skills we forget about.  Next time you practice, try listening to what you're doing!  It could make the difference between a good piano practice and a great one!