Student Post- How I Overcame Challenges with Rhythm

Hi my name is Olivia,

Not that long ago I had trouble with rhythm.  I got really mad when I couldn't do it.  But now what calms me down is I just take a break for 10 or 5 minutes and then I try again.  If I got mad again I would take a break for 15 or 20 minutes at that point I didn't get mad anymore.  Thanks for reading my letter.

By Olivia


Olivia was having trouble with rhythm and while I suggested that when she got super frustrated she take a small break and come back to her piece, what really worked for her is to count out loud with a metronome and then count and clap with the metronome.  


You Aren't Just Learning the Piano - 3 Reasons Piano Lessons Rock

Students who take piano lessons are learning more than just an instrument.  They learn how to be creative, how to problem solve and gain self confidence too!  How does this happen?


  • Learning piano allows for students to express themselves artistically.  Students are often given the freedom to compose and will learn foundational technical skills.  These technical skills give students the knowledge of how to make something they create sound good.  Plus scales can be fun ;)


  • Piano lessons give students a great opportunity to learn how to problem solve.  Learning a new piece of music can be intimidating, but we teach students how to take this large task (a new piece) and break it into small groups and then follow a plan that students learn to create, in order to achieve the big goal.  Teaching students how to do this helps them to problem solve in other areas too, like how to prioritize homework, manage a stressful situation (like a performance) and achieve a personal goal.  And we love to celebrate those achievements with our students!


  • Students who take piano lessons don’t even realize they are improving their self confidence.  You already know they learn how to express themselves in a creative way and that they learn to problem solve, but when students put these two skills together they can come up with some pretty amazing performances.   Students who perform (and have done the preparation through problem solving and creative work) often have a good time on stage and what a great way to increase self esteem but by making music for others to enjoy!  But there’s more! Students who work through a problem like a complex piece, or strategize their homework, or make a new piece of music, or even come to lessons prepared increase their self-esteem too!


Piano lessons are a great opportunity for students to develop themselves, and learn a cool instrument at the same time!