Composing for Good - our Benefit Concert

Bono says that “music can change the world” and we believe that it can at least raise awareness so that’s what we are doing with our Composing for Good project.

Last spring our students began composing music to the theme of weather. The idea was that they would compose their pieces, record them and then perform them at a concert benefiting children who did not have access to musical instruments or musical instruction.

On Saturday, September 29 our students will be performing their original pieces at Paulin Memorial Church. For the first time we will be charging admittance to the recital ($5.00 per person not including performers) and we will have songbooks and CD’s for sale (also for $5.00 a piece). All funds raised will go to the Windsor Essex County Children’s Aid Society music room.

We are super proud of our students and if you would like to support our performers, please get in touch via the form below and we can get you tickets.

Music really can change the world!

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