Recital Round Up

Recitals are tricky things.  We have 3 in our studio mainly so students don't have to sit for longer than 45 minutes.  This year we did something different - we used the Teach Piano Today recital bingo to help students critically listen to music that was being played while they waited to perform or to think about after they had played.  My favourite square was "Made me want o learn the same piece".  Students came back to lessons with a list of pieces they wanted to aspire to learn - I love when students motivate others.  I also loved the square "deserved a standing ovation".  

The concept was great and yet it didn't completely represent what happens in our studio so I made my own for the next recital we have.  

Take a look at the squares from Teach Piano Today and from the one I made and maybe talk to your student about their performances as well as those they listened to.  This type of critical listening is super important for musicians.

Piano Recital Bingo.jpg