Student Post - Preparation for Recitals and Other Public Performances

-By Gabriele Martinez

Public performances, such as recitals, can be pretty stressful to prepare for. This is why most people, (myself included:D) sometimes prefer not to be a part of these events. So in this article, I’m going to mention how you should prepare for these events, and stuff like that.



First of all, practice, practice, PRACTICE!!! Practicing is very important, so that when you go up on stage, you won’t mess up too much! Also, if you practice frequently, you will begin to feel more confident when you play your piece, so you’ll be less nervous when you play in front of a crowd. But, how should you practice? Well, the way you practice varies between people, but good strategies for practicing include repetitive practice, practicing in chunks, setting a goal, practicing with a metronome and taking notes (to help you find your mistakes and fix them). Also, another thing is when you practice, you should eliminate all the distractions and concentrate on what you’re practicing, because if you don’t, you’ll end up getting sidetracked and then you won’t get anything done. Staying relaxed while practicing is also very important, because it’s easier to work when you’re relaxed, rather than when you’re all stressed out and tense.


Lastly, if you don’t want to feel too nervous, then try to play your piece in front of a smaller crowd, even if it’s just one person, just so you’re playing for someone. Also, if you’re playing for someone else, you can ask them for their opinion on how you played the piece, because sometimes there are things that you can’t hear when you play that other people can. It’s very important because sometimes you can be playing something wrong but you won’t notice, and you should find and correct these things before the performance day, so that when you play, you’ll sound better.


That’s all for this article, thank you so much for your attention and have a great day!