7 practice habits that make for easier practice sessions

Follow these steps to help making practice easier! 

  1. remember to practice the day of your lesson after your lesson - review what you learned in your lesson!

  2. Practice the same time every day - right after school is a good time for lots of students.

  3. Leave your music on the piano and open - if you put it away the chances of forgetting to practice are pretty good.

  4. On weekends or holidays practice first thing in the morning so you don’t have to fit it in when all the fun’s happening.

  5. If you can’t practice because it’s hard to find time do something on the piano for 5 minutes- make up something fun to do!

  6. Remember to use some of your practice to experiment with music - make up something just for you!

  7. Listen to music - especially when you can’t do your practice. Keeping your brain thinking about music can help you when you go back to practice.