St. Patrick's Day Music for You!

We've compiled a list of music for your St. Patrick's Day and made a list in Spotify.  But, here are some of the stories behind the music! 

British composers have long been in love with Ireland and most of the composers on this list ARE British! 

Stanford (track 1 &2) was a British composer who was in LOVE With Ireland. These two tracks are interpretations of  traditional dances.  They are lots of fun!    He loved it so much he wrote  (track 7) wrote an entire symphony about it.  His symphony uses traditional Irish songs in his work including  “Lament of the Sons of Usnacht,” “Molly McAlpin,” and “The Little Red Fox.”  

Tracks 3, 4 & 5 are all written by an Irish composer called Thomas Joseph Gerard Victory who wrote over 200 works of music before his death in 1995!  

You may know Sullivan from Gilbert and Sullivan fame.  This piece by just Sullivan (track 6) is a small section of an opera that he wrote.    

Track 8 is by an Australian composer Percy Grainger who made his way to Ireland in 1901 and used Ireland as his muse for many of his pieces.  

Another Brit, Arnold Bax took inspiration from Ireland on his frequent visits.  Track number 9 is his piece from 1928 and is a love letter to Ireland.  

Although British, Malcom Arnold wrote some great Irish Music.  Listen to track 10 - it's one of the 4 Irish Dances he premiered in 1986! 

The last track is by an American composer Amy Beach. The Gaelic Symphony was written in 1894 and was the first symphony composed and published by a woman!  It debuted in 1896 to great acclaim.  While not only Irish in theme, she did take inspiration from Ireland for her piece.   

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