How to Fall in Love With your Pieces Again

Sometimes we KNOW the piece (all the notes are correct, the rhythm is correct) but we aren't DONE the piece.  We have to make it into MUSIC!  This can be the most exciting part of the process - but also can be the hardest part.  Here are some suggestions to help students in this part of their work. 

- Look at the dynamics of the piece - can you exaggerate them?  Can you create variations with sections that repeat?  

- What is the piece about?  Draw a comic strip inspired by your piece, or write a poem about it.  Draw a picture about your music - think about what you'd like to say with your piece.

- What is the tempo?  Are you able to play the piece at one speed WITHOUT the metronome?  Should the piece be faster or slower than you are playing it?  Make a decision about how fast it should be (with the tempo guide at the top of the piece to help you)

- What about articulation?  Are you playing your notes staccato or legato?  Should you accent some notes?  Are there fermata's you haven't remembered to use?  Go through the piece and find all the small details and see if you can play it consistently with them.  

- Can you play it for friends and family without error?  Host a small concert for people you like to play for!  Share the music!

Remember, music is more than getting through the piece with just the correct notes and rhythm - you get to make art with your piece!  This is the FUN part!