Tuning the Piano- how often and why is it important?

Every six months we have our friendly piano tuner Ric Moor come and spend an hour with Max (what our piano has been named last week). He makes sure the piano is tuned up and ready for students and for Greg & I to play on. He checks the action, makes sure the sound is good, fixes any buzzing the keys may make on the strings and lets us know if the fabric around the hammers need to be replaced. It’s an important job that Ric has. He makes Max sound good and in effect, he makes our students and Greg and I sound good.

I go to students houses to teach them on my travel days. Most have digital pianos but some have acoustic ones and often they are out of tune or damaged in some way. This can be discouraging to students. It’s like driving a broken car - you need all the parts to work in order for you to feel confident getting from point A to point B; students need to feel confident that what they are practicing will be reproducible on another instrument. If pedals or keys are not working well, or the sound is not in tune, how they learn their piece may be altered and they may have difficulty playing it on another instrument.

So please please, PLEASE keep your instrument in good working order - it helps your student!!