Practicing? Think you're done? Try this Checklist to see!

Greg is a great one for checklists and over the years I’ve been turned into a checklist lover too. Here’s a checklist that Greg uses to see if he’s done his practice. Follow this list and you’ll never ask if you’re done practicing again!

  • Did you add on to what you know in a piece? Any amount is useful.

  • Did you work to make something you know better? What did you do?

  • Did you play slowly WITH A METRONOME with no stopping?

  • Did you think about and try to add dynamics?

  • Did you check your accidentals and make sure you remembered them?

  • Did you make sure that your articulation was correct?

  • Did you play for anyone?

If you can say yes to these questions then you may be done practicing! But you know what we say, you can always practice a bit more ;)

Practicing Checklist!.png