Music History - Composers with Spooky Habits

Emily loves history. LOVES history and when she gets a chance to talk about cool stories from the past you bet your bottom dollar that she will. So she’s compiled a brief list of strange facts about spooky composers. Feel free to add your own spooky composer trivia in the comments!

Erik Satie (Trois Gymnepedies) was unique. He had a few quirks, not the least being that he only ate foods that were white. After he died his journals were found and in them was a description of what he ate - white pasta, chicken breast poached in white sauce, rice, turnip among other only white foods. He was also a collector of umbrellas - he had over 100 of them in his apartment!

Richard Wagner (Ride of the Valkyries) liked to wear women’s clothing - now this isn’t spooky at all but his wife ordered him a special order carpet made of flamingo feathers. That is kinda spooky.

Arnold Schoenberg, (Piano Concerto Op 42) was afraid of the number 13. Which is kinda unfortunate since he was born on September 13 1874. He ended up dying on July 13 1951 - maybe he knew something about the number 13?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Horn Concerto No 4 in E Flat) liked to pretend he was a cat. While not spooky (although some people find cats spooky) he would jump around and purr and meow like a cat when he was bored.

Edvard Grieg (In the Hall of the Mountain King) loved frogs. He kept a frog figurine with him in his pocket before concerts and would rub it for good luck.

The Baroque composer and prince Carlo Gesualdo (moro lasso al mio duolo)apparently killed his wife! That’s pretty spooky!

Robert Schumann (Traumerei) apparently would put his hands into the innards of animals who had been slaughtered to heal himself from ailments. Not only spooky but very strange.

Joseph Haydn’s (String Quartet No 62 Op 76 No 3 “Emperor” 2cnd Movement) tomb has two skulls! His head was stolen and a replacement skull was put in his tomb. A two headed composer - spoooooky!