Feeling frustrated while practicing? Our students might have the solution for you!

This January we have decided to each month ask our students for their best advice on a specific topic.  This month is Frustration - how do students overcome frustration?  Here is a small sampling of what we learned.

"I don't do the whole piece every day. I do a line or a measure and when I feel good about that part I add another line or measure."

"I like using post-it notes to help me plan my jobs each day."

"I practice the songs I am good at when I get frustrated with the song I have for homework."

"I take a break.  My mom always makes me go back and try again."

"When I get frustrated I do some jumping jacks - Miss Emily does this in my lesson sometimes."

"My dad says to take a deep breath."

Our students have lots of good ideas and we hope to bring you some of their advice each month!