3 Reasons Why Tech is Important

So you’ve heard teachers talk about the importance of tech right?  What IS tech anyway?  Tech is the short form for technical skills which are sales, arpeggios, triads and other activities that help students to play their pieces better.  

Students often ask us “why, why, WHY MUST I do tech?” (insert whiny voice).  Well, there are lots of good reasons but these are 3 best ones we could come up with.

1) Scales and chords help us to learn how music works.  If you’ve ever heard a musician complain about a song on the radio that only has 3 chords - that musician has done technical work.  Understanding scales and chords allows students to analyze their piece and divide it up for easier practice and helps them understand how the music is moving within the piece.

2) Learning technical elements strengthens your fingers and your arms which is handy when you’re playing a long piece-  you don’t want them to hurt when you’re in the middle of Fur Elise right?  Think of technical skills as the warm up you do before you go for a run.  You’ve gotta stretch before you play.

3) Technical skills allow musicians to make the piano sound the way they want it to.  You’re hands are going to move differently when you’re playinga lullaby rather than a piece with a stormy heavy dynamic.  Plus, if you’re composing a piece of music you’d like to know how to make it sound on the piano like it sounds in your head- tech helps with all of this.

Tech can be fun and it can be a great challenge too, but overall it’s super important.  Knowing how to approach it is vital and we can help with this!