7 Things Your Piano Teacher Wants You To Know


  1. We know you didn’t practice like you should and it’s ok (as long as you DID practice). Practicing is a skill that requires well, practice! Some weeks are better than others and some practice sessions are easier than others. We know you didn’t practice like you would have if we were sitting there with you, but we’re more interested in what you DID do than what you didn’t.

  2. That part that you keep having a hard time with? It’s HARD! We know you can do it but you just have to keep going at it again and again. It’s hard for you because it’s HARD!

  3. Not all progress is about speed. Sometimes it is about your tempo, but sometimes it’s about HOW you play the piece.

  4. Sometimes we have a hard time practicing too. It’s true. Sometimes we get stuck and get frustrated but we know that we have to keep on trying.

  5. Scales become fun. Don’t believe me? Get really good at a scale and then play it with the correct fingering and with accuracy super fast. You’ll see.

  6. Learning a piece slowly gets you to a faster speed faster. Slow down, learn all the ins and outs of the piece first and then you get to go faster. It will take less time and you won’t be as frustrated. Believe us!

  7. We know you can do it. We wouldn’t give you the material to learn if we didn’t think you were capable. It might not feel like it at the time, but we have confidence in you. Believe in yourself!