5 tips for making sure you are ready to perform

Performances are always anxiety inducing.  I speak from experience.  However there are some things you can do to mitigate the anxiety.


  1. record yourself playing a week before the concert. This adds pressure that you wouldn’t normally have and allows you to hear where you might be making errors. Follow along in your music with your recording and when you hear an error, circle the music so you can go back and isolate and drill.

  2. When you isolate and drill make sure you can do it 10-15 times without an error - not in a row, but in total. I bet by the time you are at try 7 you will finish the rest of the drill without error.

  3. Practice in sections - especially the transitions. These are pesky areas that often have students slip up. Do it with your eyes closed and practice taking your hands off the piano after the drill - this allows you to make sure you totally know how to play that transition.

  4. Play it for family and friends. Have them make lots and lots of noise. They should unwrap candy loudly, stomp around, talk or make any distraction they want. If you can perform through that you are certainly ready.

  5. Don’t play the day of the recital. You’ll psych yourself out. If you don’t know it by then you won’t know it at all and the cram practicing will only make you more anxious. Do your best and DON’T STOP if you make a goof while performing. It’s all good! We are proud of you for doing your best!