4 Different Practice Strategies You May Have Overlooked

Practice time can be daunting for even the most dedicated.  I often hear great excuses from my students about why they “couldn’t practice”.  Here are some great tips to help you get some good work done on the bench.

  1. It’s not quantity but quality. Practice one item on your practice list and do it well. Have a goal in mind - I want all of the dynamics to be smooth, the transitions need work etc.

  2. Have a tally sheet- every time you isolate and drill a section correctly mark it down on the tally sheet. You can then see your progress.

  3. Do it backwards! Don’t just start at the beginning, try starting at the last line and work yourself backward. Not only does it change how your brain works through the material, it gets less boring if you mix it up from time to time.

  4. When you warm up with your scales, try them with different rhythm patterns. Greg loves to have his students “swing” their scales and triads, or he gives them a rhythmic pattern to play with. This helps your brain work through the errors easier. A downloadable sheet of rhythmic patterns is attached to this post. Check it out!