3 Reasons why Performing for Others is important 

We are so proud of our students for performing in the Winter Concert this past weekend.  Sometimes we are asked why performing for others is so important.  Here are 3 reasons to convince you.

  1. You don’t really know a piece until you play it under stress. Playing for others in a formal concert is the ultimate test of your preparation. It’s like golf, you are playing against yourself trying to do your very best in a high stakes situation. All we ask is that students do their best and often students exceed their own (and our) expectations!

  2. Playing for others makes learning an instrument more social. Practicing is a very solitary activity. We often feel isolated from others when we are learning our craft. Unlike with hockey or gymnastics, the bulk of the work is done alone. Playing for others allows us to participate with other students who have also worked very hard.

  3. Getting applause for your hard work is a wonderful feeling of vindication. Hearing the appreciation from the audience is the icing on the cake for learning your piece and enduring the fear of playing for others.

  4. (bonus reason!) - it makes others very happy! My mother comes to all of our concerts not because Greg or I perform at them, but because she enjoys hearing the music students play. performing for others is an amazing gift!