Enjoying a Holiday Break Without Loosing What You’ve Learned

Next week is our last week of lessons for 2017!  Can you believe it!?! So how do you maintain what you’ve learned while you are taking a (much needed) break?

  • Play a concert for your family of all of your favourite pieces!
  • Compose a piece and play it for your friends (use our composing challenge to help you!)
  • As you pass the piano every day play one element of technique (a scale or a triad or even everything from a particular key!)
  • Call a relative up and play a piece for them on the phone or via Skype!
  • Play one of your pieces super fast, super slow and then just right
  • Wake your family up with a concert! (but not too early!!)

Teach Piano Today has a great colouring sheet to help you while you are off!