Some Technical Exercises to Try Now!

Technical exercises can be fun.  Seriously!  Technical exercises are important for strong fingers and also for warming up your fingers for doing your pieces.  They can help you hear what they key sounds like (for instance if you are doing a piece in d minor practising a d minor scale can help you to play the piece properly without veering into D major!) and can help you remember what accidentals you have to play.  Here are some technical exercises to help even beginners!

1) Play a pentascale (a 5 finger scale) and press down using only your finger.  Don't use your arm or your hand to create the sound - only your finger.  Each finger has it's own note and has its own job of making a sound.  Do this with one hand at a time and go slowly!

2) Play that same pentascale with both hands at the same time.  Play with your fingers rather than your hand or your arm.  Make sure you go slowly!

3) Using the same scale play skips (so your right hand would play 1 then 3 then 5 and then 3 and then 1).  Make sure to play everything slowly and legato!  Do this hands separately and then hands together.

4. Try playing that same scale hands together staccato.  Do it slowly and use your fingers not your hand or your arm to create the sound.

5. Try playing that same scale hands together super legato - don't stop the sound between notes. Go super slow and use your fingers only - don't move your arm or your hand!!

6.  Do all 5 exercises with a new key!