Advice from the Bench - some fantastic advice from students

This is going to be a multi part blog post with advice from our students about how to get ahead in piano (and sometime even life!).  

"I look at notes to make sure I'm playing the right notes" ~ Isiah (age 6)

"Keep a log, it helps" - Giorgia (age 14)

"Lego practicing and section practicing help you make the song smoother.  And use a metronome."  ~ Alyssa (age 10)

"Practice a line each day.  If you get frustrated take a break but come back" ~Sartaj (age 13)

"Play for your family because it's fun!" ~ Addison (age 8)

"Practice is hard at first but if you do it everyday it gets easier.  Don't give up!" ~ Adhi (age 11)