Perfection smerfection

I have a lot of students who try to be perfect.  They stress over perfect performances,  stress about perfect practice sessions, don’t try new things just in case they aren’t perfect the first go out, and try not to make an error in case they fail.  This week alone I’ve talked to 3 students about letting go of perfection and embracing failure.  

So how do you do this?  Coming from a fellow perfectionist, this may sound strange.  Overtime you fail, or make an error, or realize you could have done better- think to yourself where is the opportunity for growth?  What different choice could you have made?  But that’s only part of the solution.  The companion to finding what you could do differently is to actually do it and the final piece of the puzzle is to let go of the mistake.  Once you’ve made a plan to do better and have implemented the plan there is no reason to hold on to the error.  See? Embracing failure can lead to growth!  Failure is inevitable but you can take it and make something better from it!

I don’t expect my students to be perfect any more than I expect myself to be.  Mistakes happen but what look for is effort.  Effort is KING!  When I see a student putting forth effort in spite of making errors I love to celebrate them. 

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