10 Signs Your child is ready for Music Lessons

I get a lot of questions from parents at early years centres about when their child would be ready to start lessons.  Here is what I tend to tell them:

  1. Can your child sit for 15 minutes and concentrate?

  2. Can your child toggle between their index and middle finger?

  3. Can your child use their index finger to lead their hand downward to press something (like a button?)

  4. Can your child recognize patterns?

  5. Does your child have an understanding of numbers from 1-5?

  6. Has your child started recognizing letters - especially A-G?

  7. Does your child take suggestions/direction from you without responding “No”?

  8. Does your child separate from you?

  9. Do you have time in your schedule to implement a routine for piano? (setting up a regular time to go to the instrument and accomplish a simple task)

  10. Do you have an instrument your child can go and experiment on and practice on to accomplish the homework assigned in lesson?


If you have answered yes to most of these questions then your child is ready for lessons!  Get in touch with us if you are interested in enrolling your child in lessons with us! We’d be happy to do an in-person assessment!