4 Reasons We Are Thankful For Our Students

Greg and I often remark that we have the best job EVER.  We get to play music for a living and get kids excited about music at the same time.   But it’s our students that make the job really exciting.  Here are 4 reasons we are thankful (although we could probably go on and on and on!)

  1. The excitement students bring to learning new music.  We have the opportunity to expose kids to music they wouldn’t normally listen to and most of our students are excited not only to listen to it, but to learn how to play it!  This excitement tends to rub off on us - I decided to start learning some music based on one of my student’s being excited about a Canadian composer so I thought I’d learn some too!
  2. The curiosity students bring to learning new material.  If can be new music or new theory elements it doesn’t matter- students are often excited to understand how music works.  This week I started exposing students to Christmas music (I know so early!) and much of it has chord symbols above bars- students were excited to learn what the symbols meant and other students were enthusiastic about showing me they knew and could work with those symbols!  
  3. Analysis is interesting!  For many adults who have been looking at music for a while, doing an analysis of music can be a quick exercise but for students it’s a lesson long adventure!  I love when students find patterns, can relate concepts we have learned and technical exercises we have worked on into their analysis of music.  It makes me want to go back to the basics myself!
  4. Students inspire me to want to practice more.  I know - I should be wanting to practice all the time!  But no, sometimes I get into the same rut my students do!  Going back to the bench and practicing after teaching sometimes is the most productive practice session!  Students inspire me to do better and learn more!